Monday, July 27, 2009

Lake Mulwala Pt 2

Hi Everybody, I havent disappeared! Just been waiting to get a few photo's of the water flowing into the Lake again .I tryed to take them standing as close to the same spots as photo's in previous blog in case you would like to compare them.

A few people have ask how do they empty the lake, I can honestly say I don't know. I have ask a few people and all I get is they think the weir gates are closed futher up stream to stop the water flowing into the Lake .We know the gates are opened on the Yarrawonga weir to release and drain the lake. .

I took all these photo's a few days apart to show the water starting to flow and slowly rise.

Lake Mulwala is expected to be full by the end of August early September.
Once again click to enlarge any or all photo's

I took these two photo's Sunday under grey sky and a very cold 9celius still day,not even a ripple on the water.
Further around the lake a few fisherman trying there luck to catch Murray Cod.
This one causing the only ripple.
The Swim area of lake I took these 2 Above and below a couple days apart

One of the many logs, stumps nearly submerged
Boat ramp Yarrawonga Victoria still well out of water.
Standing on Boat ramp in Yarrawonga
A view from Boat ramp Yarrawonga all the stumps are disappearing under the water
Standing on boat ramp Mulwala N.S.W.No sign of the green rubbish bin its covered by the water.
See last post
Looking from Mulwala across the lake You can see the Paradise queen on the Victorian side Yarrawonga.
You can see the water mark on the tree still about 8 to 10 ft still to go..
Love the colour of the sky at sunset over looking the lake.
The End.
I promise to get around to visiting you all in the next few days.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

A drive around Lake Mulwala

G'day All.
I hope your all well and the weather is being kind to you were ever you maybe, .
its been very cold here getting down to -2c during the night and today had a high of 12c . Bbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrr. bring on summer.
Carol's been here for the last few days, and she drove me to one of my medical appointments for tests. And is now giving Pauline and Myself some much needed lessons on Facebook mainly on applications and Farm town..
On returning home from holiday's We found the Lake had been drained to try kill of the green weed with the frost. at this stage we have hardly had a decent frost. so time will tell if its been a success. So with camera in hand went for a drive over the bridge and along Mulwala . side taking a few photo's then back into Yarrawonga for a few more photo's . Its been a very big tourist attraction as its only the second time ive seen it empty in 20 years..
Now on with some photo's of Lake Mulwala .
Well everybody ill be around visiting you all in the next few days.
Please click to enlarge all photo's for a better look.

Standing on the boat ramp on the New South Wales side of the lake

Would you Ski in this after seeing the lake empty
Take a closer look its a large green bin covered in weed

Traffic bridge between Victoria and New south wales

Crossing the bridge into Victoria

Emily took the next couple of photo's while I was driving on the bridge

Paradise Queen left high and dry
Rylie and Maddi walking over the swimming section of the lake

A closer look of the Paradise queen

Boat ramp well out of the water on the Victorian side

The yacht launching ramp

A little further around near the Yacht club

Ending with a beautiful winter sunset over the empty lake .