Sunday, June 28, 2009

Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement Part 8

Gday all
Put on your walking shoes and come join me in a stroll through Swan Hill pioneer village. I must warn you it will take a few hrs.

Once again click on any or all to enlarge pics.
Pauline outside the Swan Hill pioneer settlement.

The first thing we see is Mum feeding her Joey.
Then this gentleman on his Penny Farthing cycle, now this looks like hard exercise.
The old car was carrying a lot of school kids
waving and having fun.
We went for a very uncomfortable ride in this carriage around the settlement.

Along the main street.A very uncomfortable looking invalid bed inside the Chemist.
Potions line the shelves inside the Chemist.
Lower Murray Inn, pub.
The kegs on the counter inside the pub.
An Old wine press outside (looks like they made their own wine).
Click image to enlarge

As we went past here the lady asked us to come in and play dressup and of cause we did with lots of fun and laughter

I've been pinned in to my outfit and Paulines getting pinned into her outfit. We all look like we have put on weight But alas! we all have our winter clothes on Hence why were getting pinned into the outfits.

Carol and Pauline being quite the ladies.

The three of us all dressed up.

Hahaha we had fun getting dressed up in these costumes.

A one room cottage

Mud brick kitchen,

Click Image to read description.
This home must have belonged to a wealthy owner.

See the dinning room Below

they even owned a washing machine out the back

and a cellar out the back
inside the cellar

This Shelter made from malley roots was being used as a shelter for the horse

as we walked through the streets
We come past this open shed that housed quite a few carriages I have only posted a few.

this one is called the sociable

inside post office.

look at that switchboard
the Traveling school
A horse drawn caravan and the bath outside.

It was to dark to take a photo inside.I couldn't see a stove to cook on but it had a chimney..

I hope you all enjoyed your stroll around the settlement.

these are only a few of the photo's I took.

Next stop Home sweet Home .


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Joanne's Birthday cake


Joanne shed a tear of happiness when Colin pesented her with his gifts before he placed this beautiful pendant around her neck .(She thought she was getting a new laptop).
One side of the Pendant,their children Timothy 10, Kara7 and Liam 5.
and a pair of Diamond earings,

on the other side Laura Jane 5.4.1998~~13.4.1998

Joanne and Colin having fun

Joanne, Megan Kara. Timothy and Liam.
Joanne and Megan have been best friends for 36 years .
Megan Flew in from Darwin And surprised Joanne on her arrival

Mum and Joanne having a birthday hug

Hehehe. Kissing cousins ~Joanne and Geoff

Geoff flew in for Queenland for the party.
Carol (Cazz) and a friend Bi

Party time

Sisters. Donna, D.I.L Christine, and Jenny


My 4 beautiful Grown up kids,
L:R; Joanne, Donna. Carol and Gary .

Marc and Jen .
Serayha in background

having fun

The Car My beautiful Grandaughter Serayha,
4 more beautiful Grandchildren.
LR: Maddison, Rylie,Emily and Nathan

I think Alan telling Megan a joke and Carols Hubby Ian listening in

Gary with his two Beautiful daughters Alyce and Emily and their boyfriends

A few of the 80 + party goers

Awwwwww what happened here
All the ladies having a chat.
Speeches: Colin,Liam.Joanne,Kara and Timothy

3 of my neices

Joanne cutting the cake with Liam waiting for a little piece.
OOOpppsI forgot the camera when she was opening her gifts the following morning.
lots of jewellery, gifts for the new house and enough money to buy her own laptop if she wishes to do so.