Friday, July 13, 2007

Hervey Bay Queensland

Hi everyone! I am back from my holiday to Hervey Bay Queensland, the weather wasnt very kind to us it was very cold and windy and I have come home with an ear and viral chest infection. The Main reason for this Holiday was Donna's life long friend Nikki's 40th birthday. Which gave me a chance to catch up withNikki and her parents Brian & Carol, and the rest of the family who I had not seen for a few years. Now a trip to Queensland would not be complete with out catching up with Peter (Holtieshouse), a friend of 50 plus years, came up from Gympie to spend the day with us . Peter took me to Akarra tea gardens, had a lovely walk through the Wetlands and garden before lunch. After a nice lunch and chat,it was then off to Nikki's for a BBQ get together where Peter also caught up with the family after many years .See Peters Blog

Now to end with a few photo's. and as soon as i feel a little better I will get around to visiting all your blogs so take care. Jeanette
Up up and and on our way Leaving Tullamarine airport Melbourne
Donna & Myself , Jeanette
Flying into Hervey Bay over Fraser Island Queensland
Jeanette Peter and Donna

Peter with our Mocktails at Akarra Tea Gardens
The sign: Says it all about these Parrots at Akarra. Please click to enlarge to enable you to read.Unfortunatley it has a few scratches .

These Kangaroos were near the birthday Girl Nikki's home.

The Pope and Mortisha Ready to leave for Nikki's 40th Birthday fancy dress bash.Alias Brett & Donna

This Sign we passed many times so i just had to get a photo

A view from 3rd floor apartment balcony only day in short sleeves
Breakfast on the beach
Brett, Donna, Rylie and Maddison going to order breakfast on last day after check out

Playtime after Breakfast
The last Photo Taken at Nikki & Bernies home , front row:4th from the left Nikki sitting next to her Mother , Back Row: Bernie 3rd from right holding his son standing near his F/inlaw in the yellow, before 10 of us had to fly out of Hervey bayHomeward Bound.
Sunset through the trees

To end with a beautifull sunset at Hervey bay



Blogger Peter said...

Welcome home Jan, its a pity the weather wasn't kinder to you for your trip, but at least we managed to catch up with lots of old friends.

July 14, 2007 6:44 pm  
Blogger Meow / Connie said...

Welcome back, Jeanette. Shame the weather wasn't particularly kind to you, but it was much the same (only probably colder) here.
Your photos are wonderful, and it must have been great catching up with loved ones.
Thanks for sharing.
Take care, Meow

July 14, 2007 6:48 pm  
Blogger Puss-in-Boots said...

Welcome back, Jen. Pity the weather was so cold, but it's the first cold winter we've had for years, so we're hoping we'll get a proper Wet this year to help fill the dams.

Looks like you had a lovely time with your friends, though. (I keep seeing photos of Peter!)

July 14, 2007 7:06 pm  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Jan ~~ Glad to hear you are home safely and had a good time in spite
of the cold weather. I hope Donna and her family also enjoyed the holiday.
Sorry you aren't feeling too well and
hope that soon clears up. Did you get some anti-biotics? for the ear
infection? I am having fun posting pictures lately and it seems to be a popular move. Take great care, dear Jan, Love, Merle.

July 14, 2007 8:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back. The pictures are super. Glad you had a good time. sorry about the weather. Get better soon.

July 14, 2007 10:33 pm  
Blogger Penless Thoughts said...

Looks like a grand, fun time@

July 14, 2007 10:52 pm  
Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Jan,

Hope you're feeling better by now...but still it looks like you had a really good time! I enjoyed all the pictures.


July 15, 2007 12:17 am  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Lovely piccies, Jeanette! Glad to see you back, and hope you are feeling much healthier soon.

July 15, 2007 2:02 am  
Blogger Pamela said...

the sunset appears as an arm of fire.... gorgeous

and jealous of your fun trip. Seeing family and friends is the best.

July 15, 2007 5:58 am  
Blogger RUTH said...

What a shame you're feeling ill; hope you feel better soon. Wonderful photos especially the sunset. Had to smile at the Church Notice too :o)

July 15, 2007 8:13 am  
Blogger Susie said...

Too bad the weather wasn't better, but you got some great photos. I especially love that sunset :)
Hope you're soon feeling better!

July 15, 2007 1:59 pm  
Blogger meggie said...

Lovely pics of your holiday! Love that sunset photo.
Thankyou for your anniversary wishes for us!

July 15, 2007 4:47 pm  
Blogger Gattina said...

Each time (or at least very often) I come to your blog, you are coming back from somewhere, lol ! I liked the church sign it made me laugh and the cute kangaroos ! Apparently you had a very good time !

July 15, 2007 5:07 pm  
Blogger Heart of Rachel said...

Nice to have you back Jeanette. I'm sorry to hear about the ear and chest infection. I really hope that you'll get well soon.

Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. It's great to see the wonderful people you've been with during your vacation.

Take care and hope you'll recover soon.

July 15, 2007 8:27 pm  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi again Jan ~~ Thanks for your comments - glad you like the family photos and Bec goes home tomorrow, so it will be back to just me.
Glad you are feeling slightly better, but hope each day helps a bit more
and you will soon be A 1 again. Take great care, Love, Merle.

July 15, 2007 9:44 pm  
Blogger smilnsigh said...

Awww, so sorry you came home sick. You just commented that I can whine to you, any time. Well, you can whine to me too!

Your whine would be about this ding-dang cold and infection. Mine is about my back hurting again and it cutting back on my computer chair time. We can whine beautifully, together!!!

Great pics though!!!


July 15, 2007 10:59 pm  
Blogger Lee-ann said...

Jeanette, gosh even if the weather was sour! I bet the visit with family and friends made up for it all. The photos showed a lovely trip and Now home again get well quickly so you can plan the next venture in your life.


July 16, 2007 7:49 am  
Blogger Melinda said...

Hi Jeanette,

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I absolutely love your photos specially the last one of the sunset absolutely gorgeous!! Sorry to hear that the weather was not on your side but at least you still managed to have fun. I hope you get better real soon.

Take Care - Smiles

July 16, 2007 11:00 am  
Blogger UKBob said...

Hi Jeanette, sorry to hear you're not feeling well, hope you're better soon. It looks like you had a good time on your hols, it looks better weather in your winter than we have here in summer LOL! Bob.

July 17, 2007 11:00 pm  
Blogger Hootin'Anni said...

Fantastic photos! I just can't imagine having kangaroos in my back yard. LOL --that's amazing. All the photos are terrific.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

July 17, 2007 11:55 pm  
Blogger Renae said...

I changed my profile picture, lol!!!
What gorgeous pictures you took! Everyone looks so fresh and happy!! The birds are beautiful, and that glorious sunset!!! I put some sunset photos that I've been taking off my patio on my other blog, 'Ancient Pathway'...really pretty. Take care and have a blessed day. I hope you are feeling better. I get nervous when anything trys to make a home in the lungs, lol!!


July 18, 2007 5:39 am  
Blogger Jim said...

Hi Jan -- I should have checked on you the day you gave me a 'heads up.' I would have wished you a 'get well soon' wish or two then.
I hope you are all better now, it sounded like you had a wonderful time on the holiday.

July 18, 2007 2:05 pm  
Blogger Anita said...

Hi Jeanette and welcome back!

First of all, I hope you'll get well very soon!

I am glad to lean - and see - that you had a great vaction. I very much enjoyed looking at the pictures you had taken in the airplane... and the Kangaroos .... and the wonderful sunset on the last picutres.

Best wishes from very hot and sunny Germany,


July 18, 2007 10:11 pm  

It looks like you had a really wonderful time and I am so glad. I hope you are feeling better now. The pictures were great. Thanks for sharing them with us. God bless. connie from Texas

July 20, 2007 12:26 am  
Anonymous colleen said...

Nice travel journal. I love the sign.

July 20, 2007 8:14 am  

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