Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I have been tagged by Puss-in-Boots .

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves.
Here are my seven random facts:

1 I love my family dearly.
2 I am a Mother of4 all married, and Nan of 12 and step Nan of 4
3 I enjoy most seafoods, I detest Oysters Yuk!
4 I love watching Mcleods Daughters ( Aussie Television Show) I tape it if I go out .
5 I play Lawn and Carpet bowls (See September Post)
6 I love most vegetables specially Brussel sprouts.
7 And Last of all I like a good Brandy and Dry Ginger Ale with plenty of ice

Now I tag

Now to end with a story
This is truly a heart-warming story about the bond formed between a
little girl and some construction workers. This makes you want to
believe in the goodness of people and that there is hope for the
human race.
A young family moved into a house next door to a vacant lot. One day a
construction crew turned up to start building a house on the empty lot.

The young family's 5-year-old daughter naturally took an interest
in all the activity going on next door and started talking with the workers.
She hung around and eventually the construction crew, all of them gems-in-the-rough, more or less... adopted her as a kind of project mascot.

They chatted with her, let her sit with them while they had coffee and lunch breaks, and gave her little jobs to do here and there to make her feel important.
At the end of the first week, they presented her with a pay envelope containing a dollar.

The little girl took this home to her mother who said all the appropriate words of admiration and suggested that they take the dollar she had received to the bank the next day to start
a savings account. When they got to the bank, the teller was equally
impressed with the story and asked the little girl how she had come
by her very own pay check at such a young age.
The little girl proudly replied, "I worked all last week with a construction crew building a house."
My goodness gracious," said the teller, "and will you be working on the house again this week, too?"
The little girl replied... "I will if those useless people at Bunnings ever bring us the f*cking plasterboard."


Old Sean lived alone in Ireland. He wanted to spade his potato garden, but it was very hard work. His only son, Mick, who used to help him, was in an English prison. The old man wrote a letter to his son and described his predicament:

Dear Mick,
I am feeling a rite down because it looks like I won't be able to plant me potato garden this year. I'm just getting too old to be digging up a garden plot. If you were here, all my troubles would be over. I know you would dig the plot for me.
Love, Dad.

A few days later he received a letter from his son:
Dear Father,
For CHRIST'S SAKE, don't dig up the garden! That's where I buried all them feckin' BODIES!
Love, Mick.

At 4 am the next morning, a dozen agents from Scotland Yard and local police officers showed up and dug up the entire garden down to a depth of about 6'. That evening, not finding any bodies, they apologized to the old man and left. The next day the old man received another letter from his son:

Dear Father,
Go ahead and plant yer spuds now. It's the best I could do under the circumstances.
Love, Mick.


Blogger Gledwood said...

Hi Jeanette
I saw your familiar smiley face at Gattina's blog ... who I know from round about ... I know you from Ruth's ... my name must ring a bell ... I just wanted to say hi to you - and isn't it a small world!

You know sometimes I go hopping from one blog to the next to see what I can see and it's not uncommon to see the same people commenting on other people's blogs. It really is a small world.

Have you ever seen the film "6 Degrees of Separation"? Starring Will Smith but before he did stuff like Men in Black.

It's around the theory that everyone is a friend of a friend by a maximum of 6 degrees ... which makes sense to me.

Well nice talking to you. You can even talk to me live now on my Gabblybox. Yes I've a personal chatroom on my blog! How cool is that! If you do drop by, pls tell me how you like my new kitchen clock. I think it's a welcome addition but other people have said I should just use the one built into the computer!!

All the best

"gledwood vol 2"

May 18, 2007 11:28 pm  
Blogger Gledwood said...

Thanks for the reply ::

6 Degrees of Separation is more thoughtful than his normal stuff & was made before he got really famous. It's based on a stage play - well worth going to see ...

May 19, 2007 12:35 am  
Blogger Gledwood said...

or see on dvd.

sorry what century was i in just then!!?

May 19, 2007 12:36 am  
Blogger Diane J. said...

Hi, Jeanette. :-)

I love brussels sprouts, too, and most seafood, including oysters! But I like mine breaded and fried.

The two stories are hiliarious, especially the little girl and the construction workers! I hope you don't mind if I email them to some friends?

Have a great weekend!

Love and hugs,

Diane :-)

May 19, 2007 4:20 am  
Blogger Val said...

My random 7 are up Jeanette. Thanks, that gave me something quick to write about this morning!

I enjoyed reading your 7, although a major difference between us would be the subject of oysters. I LOVE them, just as is, slime and all. Oh, are you gagging now? LOL.

May 19, 2007 9:38 am  
Blogger Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jeanette. Thanks for the tag. To tell you the truth, I've done this meme 2x already but don't worry, I'm sure I can think of more 7 random things about myself which I haven't shared yet. I'll let you know when I'm done doing mine.

It must be wonderful to belong to a big family.

Same here, I love seafoods but I don't like oysters. My parents love them and so does my husband but not me. I gave it a try once but it took a lot of effort just to swallow that one piece.

May 19, 2007 11:38 am  
Blogger Gattina said...

Grrrr, you got me I really believed the worker's story was true, until of course the bitter end, lol !
I was so convinced because my son when he was about 3 helped workers in our street to dig for a canalisation and it was so cute to see him with a mini shovel they had given him ! I can tell you he came home black and tired and slept very well ! and I was happy that he had such good babysitters and I even could go away for shopping ! And this I swear is not a joke.

May 19, 2007 3:39 pm  
Anonymous Maureen said...

Oh how I laughed today especially the Irish humour!Coming from a large family myself (11 brothers and 1 sister) humour stops most arguments in their tracks.The trouble is we are all comedians!We are from Irish parents.Hello from England ,which today (Saturday) is sunny but has a chilly wind blowing off the sea.I should explain that I live on a beach in Hampshire.

May 19, 2007 7:57 pm  
Blogger meggie said...

Enjoyed reading your meme Jen, very good.
And I love the yarns too!

May 19, 2007 8:25 pm  
Blogger PEA said...

Loved reading your meme answers:-) Oh dear, I'm still giggling about that little girl and construction workers got me good on that one! lol Priceless!! xox

May 20, 2007 2:03 am  
Blogger The Salems said...

Hee Hee the music is kool ..

thanx for your visit and comments..

May 20, 2007 6:03 pm  
Blogger Puss-in-Boots said...

Jeanette...I just loved those jokes, especially the one about the little girl and the construction crew...hahahaha!

Good way to get the garden dug up!

Have a wonderful week, Jeanette.


May 20, 2007 7:10 pm  
Blogger Peggy said...

LOL, know anyone in prison that would write so my gardens would get dug? LOL I love that one!

May 20, 2007 8:24 pm  
Blogger Gina E. said...

It is amazing how fast jokes travel around the world in Cyberspace now - even faster than the old days when we used to fax them to people - LOL! I got the first one from a friend last week.
Seven random facts about they have to be true? I'll put my thinking cap on.

May 20, 2007 11:43 pm  
Blogger "Early Bird" said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...come back any time!
I LOVE McLeod's Daughters but sadly they quit showing it :( I used to watch it every Saturday night at 10:30pm...I miss it sooo!!

May 21, 2007 12:16 am  
Blogger Pamela said...

dry ginger ale?
we buy "Canada Dry" Ginger Ale
... but I didn't even put the term "dry" in there as a description.

I think it's one of those names I've heard since I was teeny, and I never questioned it

May 21, 2007 2:00 am  
Blogger Meow said...

Hey, Jeanette ... your random list of 7 is great. I looooove Macleods Daughters, too ... as a matter of fact, you have reminded me, I haven't watched last week's yet. Better do that before this week, ay !!
Have a good one, take care, Meow

May 21, 2007 9:00 am  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Jan ~~ Great post with your answers to the Meme. I hope to put mine on tonight. Yay ! The new modem is here and working well - at last!!
Glad you liked the Cat story with Meals on wheels!! Also glad you caught one in a trap - there is often a batch of 2 or 3 at a time. So far
so good here. Take care, my friend,
Love, Merle.

May 21, 2007 3:53 pm  
Blogger HORIZON said...

lol- l wasn't expecting the ending on that first story Jen :)
Sorry l've been out of it- has been a v.v. busy time this side of the world. Hope you've been keeping well.
Woa- just read down further and see that you went to visit with Merle- wonderful!! Great pics of you all together and Peter too.
Bests xx

May 21, 2007 9:39 pm  
Blogger Hootin'Anni said...

Ewwwww, I hate oysters too!! But, yum, the brandy sounds delicious!!

And!! Last but not least, LOVE the Irish Garden! That was too funny. Gonna share this one with my friends.

[pssst, I got a poopie joke today on my Monday blog]

May 21, 2007 9:55 pm  
Blogger Heart of Rachel said...

HI Jeanette. Sorry I've been absent for a while. I've been glued to the TV watching the DVD of Prison Break. I'm smitten with Lincoln Burrows. :)

Thanks for the tag. Sorry it took a while but I'm done and just posted it a while ago. Hope you find them interesting.

Take care!

May 24, 2007 1:42 am  

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