Saturday, July 15, 2006

Up Up and Away !!!

G'day everyone,

Well, it's Carol here, Jens eldest daughter. Mum and Joanne (youngest daughter) have headed off on a bit of a holiday together, yep.. gone north .. is that a surprise to her readers and friends !!! This is mums first trip away from home since Dad passed away, and it has taken a little to get her going, but having very close and good friends awaiting her in Darwin, I'm sure she will relax and enjoy herself. She was very apprehensive the night before the departure, I think just facing a trip without Dad beside her was a very emotional time, but a hurdle that we wanted her to cross. Hopefully, it will get her going again. NOW the real person in this little note to be concerned for is Colin, Jo's hubby !! He has been left "home alone" with the rug rats.. OH BOY !!! What a job he has infront of him for the next 14 days, Haden well he is pretty self sufficient, as teenagers go.. but the younger three from ages 7-2, that is another story. Needless to say when speaking to Jo on the phone just a few hours before they headed off to the airport, she was feeling apprehensive about leaving the kids for 14 days, as she has never left them for anything more than an overnight visit, to excitment at seeing her dear friend Megan, who also lives in Darwin, they havent seen each other for over 10yrs, but have constantly kept in touch.. well I guess there wont be alot of sleep happening for a few days, and if I might add a few Southerns' (Southern Comfort & coke .. alcohol beverage for those that do not reside here in oz). I will kept you all posted as news filters back.

Now, as for Mum, she has packed her camera, along with additional memory cards, so we can all expect MORE photos upon her return. She was planning what to shoot even before she left !!!! It seemed to me that her main concern, after family etc, was this blog, which she has entrusted to me !!! She has asked me to add a post here and there and when possible, to keep everyone updated on her movements or add a few tid bits, ... BUT I had to keep it nice, but interesting .... OH BOY .... letting me loose without her moderation, a very risky but brave move, even if I must say so myself!!!!!

Well enough rambling from me, and I will keep you all posted as time permits, until then

Have fun, stay safe, and remember to smile !!


Blogger Merle said...

Hi Carol ~~ Thanks for the update on
Mum and her trip. I am sure she will enjoy it all now she has made the break.
It's great that your sister Jo could go with her -- I hope her husband and kids
survive!!. By the way I am Peter's sister. Hope to hear more later.
Take care, Merle. Love to Mum;

July 16, 2006 11:13 pm  
Anonymous Serayha said...

Has nan gone mad ... leaving you in charge of her treasured BLOG!

July 19, 2006 1:10 am  

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